We've built a whole new way for you to help make your community safer! Know what’s happening around you at all times, get alerts about dangers within your area, and get expert advice from medical professionals and survivalists!

It's easy to use — simply zoom in and out of the Map. You decide if you want to share an alert with others in your area anonymously or with a social network account.

If users in your area share alerts with you, their alerts will appear on the Map. You can then decide to add comments and additional info to alerts.

A real-time threat engine warns you if your surroundings go from normal to a higher threat level! And as long as Danger is running in the foreground or background, you will continue to be alerted of various threats from animals to attacks, shootings, explosions and more.

Danger is the world's best community-based threat notification and personal assistant app. Join other citizens in your area to share real-time threats and response info, saving everyone time and risk in their daily lives.

Together, let’s make the world a safer place!

Best Wishes,

Team Verbi